Griffin Grey spends most of his time up in his treehouse, reading books to pass the hours away. While down in the valley, in the town of Abbyngdon, seemingly peaceful days go by, except, for Griffin’s brother, Garrett, who brings trouble their way.

For Abbyngdon, has held a shrouded secret though the centuries.….until now! Because, an evil force has found its way to the present and is taking the children on the darkest night of the year, Halloween, or, as it was called long ago, Samhain. A time when the curtain of time is suspended between this world and others.

Griffin knows deep inside, something more is amiss, as well. Not just unexplained disappearances, but haunting dreams, strange happenings and a dangerous twist of fate that will lure him into solving one of the darkest mysteries surrounding himself and others, too; whose fates will depend on it!

But, what he doesn’t know, is that a different path is about to take him and his friends…to a kingdom that awaits…it will be as enchanting as it is dangerous…For evil lives there…waiting for those to return home…who’d escaped such a long time ago!

The question is, can Griffin prevail in finding his destiny and saving a kingdom? Or will his brother and other forces destroy all?