Veronica J Whitney

Veronica Whitney’s flair for the imaginative started at the young age of seven, when she began sketching from coloring books and capturing pictures, freehand. From there, the art went from simple sketches, to portraits, paintings and more. While one day drawing a sketch of an imaginary boy in a tree, reading his book, and, a wild hawk perched by his side… a story began. From there, years after, she recalled the forgotten drawing. As a sophmore in high school, she remembered the boy in the drawing during an English class, where they’d been asked to create a story for a class project. The simple drawing formed a character in her mind. And, after a successful program and student of the Institute of Children’s Literature, she decided she wanted to tell the world that story of her imaginary boy, Griffin Grey. Veronica lives in Western New York with her husband Dennis and their pets! And, balances her time being a youth drill team director/show coordinator, artist and musician. She has always had a fascination with writing and creating stories that will bring imagination to all! She enjoys what life has to offer a day at a time and hopes, that by inspiring others, they too, will take the time to read a book or two; and not forget the magic and imagination that lives inside all of us.